How to Place Cockfight Bets

Whether it would be actual cockfights or online, these games can get excitingly competitive. Cockfighting is a favorite pastime among Asian locals, and many have taken breeding very seriously. The condition of your rooster is of the utmost importance when it comes to cockfighting, which is why owners feed and train them very well.

So, as a first-timer, how do you make your first bet?

Cockfight Betting Basics

All rooster owners may discuss the bets with their opponent before the game begins. For those people who are watching, on the other hand, can look for other spectators who want to participate in the betting with the rooster that they choose.

Each person has the chance to choose for the crowd favorite or the underdog. Just like any game of odds, placing your bets on the chicken that is likely to win will mean more chances for the underdog to win.

Being able to understand the odds would require a little math. But to get acquainted with this quickly, some of the betting odds go from 10% to as much as 100%.

How to Place Cockfight Bets

Basic Mechanics for Online Cockbetting

Since cockfighting is so widespread across Asia, it has been made illegal in some parts. But, there are also reputable websites that offer online cock betting and are entirely legal.

Interested parties have to open an account with a reputable website, with access to cockfights held in the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, and many other Asian areas. Through their online accounts, they can watch all of these fights simultaneously.

They can also choose which roosters they want to bet on and make use of their favorites. Some professionals prefer to make bets online because this allows them to follow more than one match at a time. This will enable them to make more bets and maximize all opportunities at the same time.

Before the roosters start fighting, all gamblers must place all of their bets. Bettors also need to choose only one from the two roosters. Minimum bets that will be accepted usually range from 10$ upwards. Some sites will not put any limits on how much one can bet. Choosing a winner will be based purely on your luck.

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